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Cracker and Fruits Food Platter

Chopped Feast: Delicious meals right at your door

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About Us

At Chopped Feast, we offer only the freshest ingredients from local sources, making sure that every step from farm to table is sustainable. Our recipes are crafted by a team of culinary experts who specialize in meals that are nutritious AND delicious. Whether you're a five star chef or just learning to navigate around a kitchen, our meals plans are crafted with you in mind!

How It Works

Choose the plan that is the right fit for you! We will cater the ingredients to fit any dietary needs.

Our recipes are easy to follow, with clear instructions, and will still make you feel like a star chef!

The most important step of all is eating! We guarantee a delicious meal every time or your money back.


My family consists of picky eaters, but there are never any leftovers when I cook the meals from Chopped Feast. You have made me a fan for life!

Jane Doe

Not only was I able to lose weight with the meal plan, my cooking skills have greatly improved as well.

John Doe

I never have to worry about falling in the pitfalls of takeouts and frozen pizzas with recipes that are easy to make and delicious!

Jane Smith

I’m running a start up company, and my working hours tend to be long and unpredictable. Instead of eating processed take out every night, I can save time by cooking healthy meals with pre-portioned ingredients.

John Smith
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